Men’s Club Players

Name: Simon Gittins

Nickname: Relentless/Gits/Seagul

Playing position: Libro

Occupation: I sell the American Dream.

Nationality: British

Years at NYCFHC: Since the beginning.

Previous Clubs: Canterbury/Loughborough Students/Greenwich

Life Ambitions: To sell more of the American Dream and then to accordingly live it.

Perfect Date: Candlelit dinner for two…preferably with someone entertaining like Bungle.

Fitness Regime: Flex in the mirror. Smile. Repeat.

Beverage of Choice: Gin and juice.

Favorite Band/Musician: Hall and Oates

How did you get your nickname?: It’s a long story but suffice to say persistence, apparently, is frowned upon.

Best experience with NYCFHC: Watching Bungle win dick of the season last year.

Hockey playing highlight: Meeting/playing with Jamie Dwyer at Colombia University hockey pitch….hahahahahahahahahahah. Seriously though, it was awesome.

How you would like to be remembered?: As a lover not a fighter.

Don’t ever ask me about: How Audi got her nickname.


Name: George Miller

Nickname: Babs (the Baboon)

Playing position: Midfield engine / Treatment table

Occupation: Credit reporting and father of Margot the cat

Nationality: English

Years at NYCFHC: 3

Previous Clubs: Gloucester City, Lewes & Spencer

Life Ambitions: To have my own tankard hung behind the bar of the Star pub in Wotton-under-Edge, and to own a segway.

Perfect Date: Somewhere overly pretentious, but not pretentious at all, with a derelicte air and feel of ostentation, reclaimed lumber and exposed brick, somewhere humble, no contradictions, totally urban, #paleo, an environment in which to commune in pleasancy,  involving organic/artisanal craft beer, organic/artisanal kale, organic/artisanal quinoa, in Brooklyn, of course. Or McDonalds. Fitness Regime: Whatever I’m told to do at PT.

Beverage of Choice: Babycham or a pint of Old Spot by Uley Brewery.

Favourite Band/Musician: Whitney Houston for karaoke. The Wurzles for westcountry pride. Black Lace for nostalgia. Rick James for business time. Lonely Island for Fitch.  Flying Lotus for anything else.

How did you get your nickname?: Extreme hirsuteness and a sweet booty.

Best experience with NYCFHC: My first post game beers in DTH. Remembering the hard-way (by losing) how to play touch-the-cup and three-man after a little hiatus. I was in bed by 5pm with no recollection of getting home. I knew I was going to fit in ok.

Hockey playing highlight: Winning the World Championship with NYCFHC in 2013 and multiple relegations in the UK.

How you would like to be remembered?: For taking responsibility for the team cat who we all know and love, Margot, for being a fine boozer and for always knowing exactly where I should be on the pitch at all time, especially when setting a press.

Don’t ever ask me about: Why I moved to NYC; how Koala got her nickname; Connecticut; Margot the cat; why I had to snuggle up with Groomer at 6am one morning; organic and artisanal produce; why finding a nice girl who already has kids isn’t always a great idea; brokeback mountain weekends'; food intolerances; Dutch delicacies (there are none); helping octogenarian Mexican men out of the bath; the letter F in NYCFHC


Name: Ben Shorten

Nickname: I’ll take that one offline…

Playing position: Accelerating the trend of GKs who think they can play outfield…”high left” is where I cause least disruption to my team mates. Alas, 5 of 8 caps have been earned in the cage…do you think they’re trying to tell me something?

Occupation: Strategy consultant (note use of “taking that one offline”)

Nationality: Half-English; Half-Irish (yep, another one who just has to drop in some random connection to the Emerald Isle…)

Years at NYCFHC: Roughly 0.65

Previous Clubs: Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian; Durham University; Oxted

Life Ambitions: Keep Ruth happy; shoot lower than my age on the golf course

Perfect Date: Ruth; if she’s busy, Adam Scott…we have a lot in common

Fitness Regime: Seltzer for soda (in three words, Queen’s English is renounced)

Beverage of Choice: Hendricks and Tonic

Favorite Band/Musician: Adele; Florence and the Machine; The Killers

How did you get your nickname?: Ditto the offline bit

Best experience with NYCFHC: Completing my first pass playing outfield…from acorns do giant oaks grow

Hockey playing highlight: Winning National League East Conference with Oxted

How you would like to be remembered?: Hoping nobody reading this gets the chance to put it in to practice…but I guess as a good club guy

Don’t ever ask me about: When I might develop the ability to trap the ball

  • Tom Sheridan Playing #: 13 Nickname: Groomer/TJ
  • Steven Van der Voort Playing #: 8 Nickname: NSG Steve
  • Andy Chambers Playing #: 18 Nickname:
  • Mark Brazier Playing #: the number after 20 Nickname: Bungle/Bra/Mini Bra/Junior Bra/Baby Bra/Trainer Bra/A-Cup/B-Cup/C-Cup
  • Glenn Shirley (note the two “n”s) Playing #: 69 Nickname: Fingers

Ladies’ Club Players

Name: Andrea Steele (still getting used to that)

Nickname: Slider

Playing position: GK

Occupation: Ecommerce for Unilever (Dove, Axe, Hellman’s, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.)

Marital Status: newlywed to Trade Up

Nationality: USA

Years at NYCFHC: since the beginning of the ladies’ team (must be a veteran by now)! Recruited by Baguette and Groomer to mind the net

Previous Clubs: Columbia, Hampstead & Westminster, King’s College, Greenwich Rovers

Life Ambitions: travel to 60 countries before I’m 60

Perfect Date: Renaissance Faire (pub golf a close second)

Fitness Regime: running and biggest loser yoga DVDs (Jillian’s for tough days, Bob’s for easy ones)

Beverage of choice: open minded

How did you get your nickname?: little sandwiches…

Best experience with NYCFHC: back to back championships

Hockey playing highlight: playoffs last year, double save on the last 1v1 to get to championships (and then winning)

How you would like to be remembered?: skinny goalies can make saves too

Don’t ever ask me about: 2nd year end of season party – I don’t remember anything after appetizers —————————————————————————————————————————

Name:  Becky Karver

Nickname: I continue to refuse to accept the ‘suggested’ name so pleading the 5th

Playing position: Defence

Occupation: HR

Nationality: American (also self-proclaimed part-Brit)

Years at NYCFHC: 1.5

Previous Clubs: Henley Hockey Club, played at Ithaca College far too long ago for my liking (pleated skirts + mohinder + grass = old bird)

Life Ambitions: I think i can currently finish a bottle of wine in 21 mins.  I’d like to get this under 20.

Perfect Date: sipping pina coladas and getting caught in the rain

Fitness Regime: gym, running (i.e. plodding), yoga

Beverage of Choice: G&T

Favourite Band/Musician: Florence, MS MR, Ben Howard

How did you get your nickname?: What nickname?

Best experience with NYCFHC: winning the world championship of course!

Hockey playing highlight:

How you would like to be remembered?: as someone who laughs a lot

Don’t ever ask me about: my drunken antics


Name: Sarah Louie

Nickname: Starfish

Playing position: Forward and club social media consultant

Occupation: I subliminally sell you things you didn’t think you needed… I’m told my job is like Pete Campbell’s in Mad Men, though I don’t watch it.  Open Happiness. Drink Coca-Cola.

Nationality: American

Years at NYCFHC: 3.5 years (I was too poor to pay match fees my first fall season)

Previous Clubs: The College of William and Mary

Life Ambitions: Live well, Love much, Laugh often.

Perfect Date: Anything outside in the sun, preferably with a beach, live music, and some good seafood.

Fitness Regime: Crossfit-lite, spin classes, marathon training & guide running w/ Achilles Kids

Beverage of Choice: Vodka Soda

Favorite Band/Musician: It’s too hard to pick just one… but the best concerts I’ve been to recently: Mumford & Sons, The Lone Bellow, Zac Brown Band, Fun

How did you get your nickname?: I was wearing starfish shaped earrings at the time of nickname-giving… I later Urban-Dictionaryed my nickname… warning: NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Thanks guys.

Best experience with NYCFHC: Obviously winning the Miami Cup last year and having my first hungover/still-drunk hockey playing experience… and I drove us to the field?

Hockey playing highlight: Actually scoring in my first ever 1v1 during Playoffs last year

How you would like to be remembered?: As the tour secretary that got the team to Barbados… or Jamaica.

Don’t ever ask me about: “Special Starfish”


  • Carey Fetting-Smith Playing #: 2 Nickname: Crazy Carey/Coco
  • Katie Grant Playing #: 7 Nickname: Pearl
  • Erin P. Dick Nickname: Hooters Home Town/Country: Carle Place, NY
  • Jes Kacerek Nickname: Audi Home Town/Country: Washington, Dirty Jerz
  • Marloes Playing #8 Nickname: Ben je nat