Weekly Update March 25th 2013

Updated: March 26, 2013

Massive weekend for NYCFHC with two fine wins. The ladies usurped the league leaders and last year’s League Champions with a fine team performance and the Men continued their dominant run with a shut-out victory. Both teams occupy top 2 league places and have played more games than most, so have some built in rest time over the coming weeks and months.

Pick-up starts this week at CU on Wednesday evenings. Please make every effort to attend if you can and get a run-out and represent the Club. As the weather warms up, this is a good opportunity to work on fitness and touch!

We have a week off league games– enjoy Passover/Easter and we look forward to being back on the field on April 6th where the Men have a huge clash with Rye 1 in a contest that could decide the league champions and the women play QuikStix before we go on, play Pub Golf and give everyone who doesn’t have a nickname their real intro to the Club!



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