NYCFHC Men v Westchester – 17th March 2013

By DoD – Mark “Bungle” Brazier

I know what you are thinking, ‘Bungle DOD 2 weeks on the bounce? That can’t be right’. Well, 2 words immediately spring to mind ‘stitch’ and ‘up’. Oh and there was also the reverse stick shot in the first game and the lob wedge shot in the game the following week, that needless to say did not exactly have keeps scampering!

Anyway, this is how it went down.

Westchester 1s. Our pregame pep talk consisted of Danny making sure we knew what a tough prospect Westchester could be, apparently they beat a team 8-1 (…. which we later realized must have been a very, very, very, long time ago!) and Gits imparting his expert and extensive (but mostly unintelligible) knowledge of  defensive tactical positioning. As for the game, not much to report really other than Buke / Dove / NSG and Fleety getting very cold and goals, goals and more goals…. in fact 17 in total!! Tyler with 3, Zippy with 2, Groomer with 4, Toddy with 2, Bungle with 1, MyClub with 1 and Gitts with 4. Gitts worked really hard and this goal tally will do wonders for his confidence both on and off the pitch, which has been lacking for a number of years now. It was really through the selfless finishing of Zippy, Toddy, Tyler and Bungle where they would lay the ball off to Gitts for an easy tap-in a number of times that allowed Gits to rack up as many as he did; all in the name of confidence building – selfless work boys.

Other highlights include Groomers reverse stick roofed finish, Babs being back with a new shiny golden cap, Toddy’s folks braving the cold to witness their son nearly decapitate the goalie and Towner having to leave at halftime to catch his jet back to the west coast for a Pernod Ricard emergency executive board meeting (apparently the share price of RI has tanked over the last few days since my last report due to a high volume of NYers shorting the stock over worries of senior management incompetence and the companies exorbitant and extravagant travel costs!).

As for voting – Gitts got a well deserved MOM for his relentlessness on the field (up there with Michael Carrick on the Optima index for yards travelled). As for DOD, you guessed it, nothing was going to wrestle the visor from yours truly’ s forehead.