NYCFHC Men v Tristate Falcons – May 13th 2012

Men v Tristate Falcons

By DoD – Danny “MyClub” Haydon

It’s a little hard to keep things in perspective when your team mates call your MyWorld or MyUniverse, but you learn to live with it. The problem is, that when they expect you to control everything it leaves very little room for error. Take the subways for instance…one would think with all this power, you could arrange for NYC subway system to run at your beckon call. That is not however the case, and trundling in 15 minutes after meet time and departing with the obligatory $5 fine comes with the territory. You then have to have sympathy with mobile phone providers who bear the brunt of Sunday morning text messages with excuses and  “how many players do you have?” You would think that this well oiled machine of a club had a board of 8 people and a staff of 50 just to get a team out each weekend! The club doesn’t really have a motto outside of “Boom Boom Pow”, but if it did have one I would suggest it would be “Do as I say, not as I do!”. One easy way to become DoD is to be a total hypocrite –  It’s pretty simple to keep a drag flick at backboard height….just watch me the next time I get an opportunity!


Onto the game – with the refreshing sight of CoCo arriving 2 minutes prior to pushback, sporting a large rock on her left hand in lieu of a protective glove, and trusty Tyler strapping on the pads we looked all set for a competitive game against an improving Tristate team. The team was well balanced with Dove and ReachAround at halfbacks and NSG and Toad patrolling the defence. Toad was taking his sweeper role to a whole new dimension by dominating the 25 yard line at all times. With a paranoid Babs at left midfield claiming he had never played the game before and didn’t know what to do, it was a challenge for MyClub to direct and actually put a pass onto a teammates stick. With the speed of De Nooijer and the skills of Shabbaz Jnr in the form of Groomer at right midfield, we knew it wouldn’t take long for our dominance to unveil itself. Upfront we had a relatively calm Relentless leading the forward line, well supported by the omni-available Bungle on the left and Ben “Broekie” Parsonage running the right. It was perhaps symptomatic of our season that we dominated all the possession for the first 10 minutes, having wave after wave of attack and pushing high, which was our undoing as we turned over possession, were quickly counter-attacked against and before we knew it an uncontested shot was smashed into the corner, leaving Tyler no chance in goal. More disappointing was our outcomes going forward – we walked into flat sticks and had very little outcome from lots of work going forward. Of the 6 short corners we had, our usually trusty child minder was unable to convert, flirting with jail time with his gentle caresses of the young and impressionable Kookaburra.


Our half court press was interesting to say the least. Communication was lacking and every one of our 10 outfield players decided to play zonal defence. What ensued was eye-opening as we were cut to pieces and relied on Toad, Dove, Reacharound and NSG to bail us out on multiple occasions. Tyler looked solid in goal saving drag flicks from corners and speculative shots. Bungle bungled one back for us from a bouncing cross to make it 2-1 just before half time. It was a rousing half time speech from the Buke who raised his fist to the sky and demanded more communication and reiterating (3 times I might add) that “when we get the ball, we keep the ball”. Clearly that was the assistance that Babs had been searching for and he went onto give a performance that a paralytic Koala would have been proud of. It was actually Babs and his amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that equalized for us shortly after halftime. Fingers was playing deftly upfront, holding up ball for the midfield and the overlapping runs from Reacharound, Dove and CoCo were giving us added attacking impetus. It was the increased intensity, simple passing and aggressive closing that finally turned the game in our favour and we started penetrating the Tristate circle with ease. Bungle scored from inches on the back of a beautiful attacking move, MyClub notched from a slick corner 1-2 and also finished off an unselfish Bungle pass in the D and Groomer rounded off the scoring whilst lying on the floor having stretched full length to get a shot off around  the onrushing keeper. It was a clever piece of skill to spin the ball nicely into the far corner, the likes we haven’t seen since Groomer’s younger days in the St. George’s College locker rooms. Relentless was causing trouble with his elimination skills upfront and aggressive closing, and he even had time to teach Broekie how to lead – the game completely turned around as the men went on to score 5 unanswered 2nd half goals.


The Rye players watched the game from the stands in advance of Friday’s showdown and must be trembling in their boots watching NYCFHC turn on the power at will in the last 20 minutes. Special mention must go to NSG for finally bringing the DOD visor back (after 6 weeks of absence) and for CoCo’s return to the field with some strong defensive play. Bungle had a good game, Tyler was a stud in goal and Reacharound worked hard in attack and defence. If we start games as we ended this one, keep things simple and maintain possession, we should be in good shape come the business end of the season!