NYCFHC Men v Greenwich – 10th March 2013

By DoD – Mark “Bungle” Brazier

Greenwich 1s are always a tough prospect with quality smattered all around. But with new boys Darbon and Riches in the NYCFHC fold, we surely had the upper hand with an embarrassment of Riches!! With early breaking news that Towner was helicoptering in from JFK to play the game, things were really looking up.

Despite early sustained pressure from NYCFHC there was a clear inability to convert this into goals with Gits and Toddy playing ‘who-can-produce-the-most-airshots-in-the-shortest-possible-time’ game. And then, a real spanner in the works. At a rare Greenwich short corner Babs got a travelling deflected drag flick right in the chops and left the field in distress. It looked nasty and it was ‘touch and go’ for a while as to whether he would need to be airlifted out to the nearest hospital operating table, but after further consultation and discussion it was agreed that the correct and final diagnosis was a ‘fat lip and chipped tooth’ and despite some early tears (most probably to glean as much sympathy from the watching Audi and Doggie as possible) he wrapped up warm, put on a brave face and showed us his stiff upper lip (literally!). He then showed us that the prospect of being sidelined for the rest of the game he could take squarely on the chin (literally)! What a brave little soldier he is!

Anyway, back to the hockey; NYCFHC 3-1 up at halftime. A lapse in defense let Greenwich back to 3-2. FINAL score 4-2. Winner winner, chicken dinner. With another ‘W’ in his top pocket Towner hurried off to be choppered out of there to take his private jet back to California for some important business (an aside, if anyone is looking for stock tips, you won’t get far wrong with Pernod Ricard (ticker = RI), with Towner basically at the helm of their global operations, the sky is the limit).

Then to the voting – Buke took MOM for a quite dominating display at the back and producing some wonderful closing-down-stay-big Shmeichel-esque saves. Then onto DOD- surely one of Toddy or Gits had this sewn up for their airshot shenanigans. Gits up first (6 votes), with Toddy up next surely Bungle would come in a distant 3rd. But no, with a Gits sleight of tongue that only one of the top Wall Street fixed income brokers could achieve, Bungle was suddenly put up to vote, and with a Gittins whisper campaign to rival that of the 2012 ‘Buke for NEFHA presidency’ success, Bungle limped home to orange visor wearing glory with 7 votes. Damn you Gittins!