NYCFHC Ladies v Wildcats – 17th March 2013

By DoD – Sue “Shag” Williams

A strong onslaught from the ladies team, taming the Wild Cats with a two goal lead in the first 10 minutes. Cold weather did not deter team blue from keeping level headed and hammering the opposition’s defense repeatedly throughout the first half while flawlessly putting away more goals.

A shaky start to the second half was short lived. Team blue pulled together and dropped back behind the defensive 35 to let the Kitty Cats take brief possession of the play before bombarding them once again with some pleasingly graceful goals.

My assumption is that the game continued as above with the majority of possession with NYC but I am not sure as I disappeared to tend to Paddy’s Day missions. My sincere apologies but you all had the game more than under control.

Great win, well done ladies! Let’s do it again this weekend.