Ladies v Greenwich Ramblers – 9/16/2012

DoD Aparna “Hamster” Wilder

What a GORGEOUS day for a season opener and so lovely to see such dear friends together again on the turf!

After a summer of 7-aside tournaments, it was great to stretch my rodent legs and get the 100 yard wheel spinning again! Hooray for space to pass and connections to be made! But seriously yo, that was the longest first half ever. Anyone want to do a sprint workout this week?

In spite of our excellent play, newcomer highlights, and goal saves, I am the “Dick of the Day”! Ahem, this term is not friendly to women and in the interest of gender equality can we please rename it? I will leave this to other creatives.

Right, back on point…

Hamster = “DOD”

Why me might you ask with my sweet innocent grin and quiet but speedy movements?!

Here is why I humbly accept this honor:

Alas, I arrived five minutes before pass back. I blame the A Train which was running local which ultimately is my fault for not checking. Anyone driving from Brooklyn these days? Please help a Hamster out!!

Then there was a moment where I got beat four times in a row on the left side! What?! How could it possibly happen? Marloes, you can have the left side back! JK. We can share. The final beat down resulting in a “stop drop and roll” with Greenwich opponent Maureen and one of their two goals nicely caged. I confess, I didn’t even see the ball go into the goal, but I will be accepting tips for my next tumbling routine.

Good to have Carey back from the deep end of education reform and Audi playing one line higher from the rear. But the best part of the day of course (Deep Thoughts with Aparna “Hamster” Wilder) — it’s taken us a few years, but we are connecting like we’ve been playing together for years! YES! Indeed, we certainly have! Proud to be part of NYCFHC always.

I watched Big Apple play last week. They got us beat in terms of years of team play, but we will foil their plans just like we did in playoffs – perhaps with more quick goals, strong defensive talk, and positive communication on the field.

Oiling my metal wheel. So ready to rumble.

Aparna “Hamster” Wilder