Club Rules

  1. Never ever put down an empty glass. However, an empty glass or vessel may be put down once acknowledged by another member of the social circle.
  2. No crying – ever!
  3. Player of the Match is exempt from match fees for the game.
  4. Nominated and voted for “D_ck of the Day” must wear the associated orange visor for the duration of all socials and bring it to the next game or social event or until a new “D_ck” is nominated.
  5. You may not use the word “Drink” during team socials
  6. Social consuming with the left hand, penalties with the right hand
  7. No explaining rules or coaching. If caught coaching the opposite sex the fines are DOUBLED.
  8. No swearing/cursing. This is a polite club.
  9. No pointing with a finger whilst in consuming games.
  10. No telling lies – if caught the punishment is to be determined by the Social Chair or Consumption Circle President.
  11. Social attendance is to be encouraged at all times; fines will be administered at the earliest convenience for unexplained absences.
  12. Touching of your phone or blackberry is prohibited without permission of the social chair or Consumption circle President.
  13. No excuses, play like a Champion!
  14. Members of the Club must be referred to by their given nickname during all gaming activities. If you do not have a nickname, you will be given 5 seconds to come up with one of your own. Should you not come up with one of your own, one will be appointed for you. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,….
  15. Man of the Match (or Player of the Game) will be the imbibing Circle President. If absent, Social Chair will take over duties. Acting Chairperson can be challenged via a consume-off.
  16. Social Members are always more than welcome, and actively encouraged.
  17. Pre-match team shout will be “The European Techno Pigeon” – the shout is “Hookoo, Hookoo”
  18. Second half team shout will be “Een, Twee, Drie – Eikel” (Please see NSG for a translation).
  19. Any form of spillage will result in the spiller consuming twice the amount spilt.
  20. New members to the imbibing circle shall be read the rules once.
  21. DoD must write the match report. Failure to submit in a timely fashion will be met with death.
  22. Permission to attend the bathroom must be sought from the Circle President or Social Chair (which is typically always given, except in cases of very bad behaviour).
  23. The really Hom Mountie and Pinot Pill will never have any association with NYCFHC.